Ably Druther was the first mate of the Suncurl under Captain Sater. He was the only one of the ship's five core crewmembers that had sailing experience. He was also the only who could not keep his mouth shut. Despite the danger of loose lips, Ably could not help blurting out details about the ship's past. Sater complained to him that the "problem is not just that you talk too much, it's that you're stupid besides." She also said that the only reason she kept him on her crew was that he was "the only one of us who actually knows which end of a ship points where we're going."[1]

Ably had a beard that he tugged when nervous.

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Ably joined Sater's conspiracy to rob the Toll's City treasury later than Birds Mottle, Heck Urse, and Gust Hubb. Sater added him to the crew at Toll's Landing because he had sailing knowledge, a boat, and was handy with a sword. His presence was helpful when the group had to forcibly commandeer the Suncurl from its original owner, Captain Urbot.[2]

Ably was one of the first crewmembers to be killed by the lich that went on a murderous rampage in the ship's hold. The lich bit Ably's head from his body and made it its own. Meanwhile, Ably's headless body seemed to maintain a semblance of life for a time.[3]

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