Ackle, also known as Ackle the Risen, was a man living in a state of undeath in Spendrugle. He once worked as the servant of an old, half-mad woman in a run-down estate until debts and resentment led him to quit. When he tried to take his mistress' candlesticks as severance pay the woman cursed him and tried to bite his neck with her toothless gums before he could escape.[1]

Arriving in Spendrugle Ackle was seized and hanged under that town's policy for dealing with all strangers. He spent several days in a coffin before he was able to dig his way back to the surface and afterwards bore a grudge against Gravedigger. Town residents were skeptical of his claims that he had died despite his now horrible lifeless eyes, rope-scarred neck, and smell of decay. Ackle also noted that had acquired a post-burial obsession with preciseness.[2]

Ackle wore a deadman's cloak that was dotted with clump's of dried mud and an occasional root. Feloovil Generous, owner of the King's Heel, allowed him to sleep under a table with the dogs in the tavern's common room, but none of the women at the brothel upstairs would take his business.[3]

He maintained that he knew the location of a buried treasure chest, but none of the Spendrugle locals took him seriously.[4]

In The Wurms of BlearmouthEdit

Feloovil sent Ackle to Spilgit Purrble to lure the tax collector back to the King's Heel to be murdered.[5] After a half-hearted attempt, Ackle instead convinced Spilgit to help him retrieve his treasure to finance their escape from town with the innkeeper's daughter, Felittle.[6] When Spilgit learned that the treasure was actually a stolen Revenue Chest he seemingly strangled Ackle in outrage. Before Spilgit could finish daydreaming about his newly acquired fortune Ackle revived and killed him with a shovel.[7]

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