Brother Adroit was a Forkrul Assail. Due to recent deprivations, he was bowed like an old man, his breathing fast and shallow and he was shaking with tremors. His nose was rotting and the wound crawling with flies.[1]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Adroit was one of a group of Forkrul Assail who were chasing the Snake. The group had originally numbered twelve but was reduced to four by the time Adroit appeared by name in the books due to the deficiencies experienced in the pursuit of the children. The other three remaining with Adroit were Adjudicator Scorn, Sister Rail and Inquisitor Sever. They had stopped as Sever's son, Brother Beleague had died and were discussing their next step. Adroit said that the Crystal City which the children were about to enter had its own beauty and it would be suicide for the Assail to challenge it. The others did not deny his vision.[2]


It is unclear if Rail and Adroit had specific roles within the group as they are not named anything other than Sister or Brother respectively. Neither were addressed as Inquisitor. The way Adroit questioned whether the others would "Deny me? The clarity of my vision?", may indicate that having visions was something of a speciality of his.

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