Adventure Alley, winding and shadowy, was located in the northern part of Letheras, the capital city of the Letherii Empire. The alley was lined on both sides by a collection of shops, substantially unchanged for some seven centuries, which were, one and all, characterized by the purveying of strangely unlikely merchandise.[1]

These odd little shops of Adventure Alley included: the witch Munuga's "Half-Axe Temple of Herbs"; the potter Laudable Grool's "Grool's Immeasurable Pots"; the shop owned by Beastmonger Shill which sold truly miniaturized animals; a shop which sold only lengths of short rope and nine-foot long wooden poles — and so on and so forth — to the end of the alley.[2]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Adventure Alley had become the site of one of the hidden access points for the now secret headquarters of the newly outlawed Rat Catchers' Guild.[3]


"The assortment [of shops] proceeding down the alley was similar only in its peculiarity. Wooden stakes and pegs in one, sandal thongs [only] in another...a shop selling leaky pottery...a place selling unopenable boxes, another toxic dyes. Ceramic teeth, bottles filled with the urine of pregnant women, enormous amphorae containing dead pregnant women; the excreta of obese hogs..."
―examples of shops to be found along Adventure Alley[src]

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