The Adwami were a culture of inter-warring horse riding human tribes which collectively possessed a large section of desert in south-west Jacuruku. There were two primary tribes who were traditionally rivals, the largest and most powerful being the Hafinaj, the other the Vehajarwi. The Adwami referred to themselves as a whole as "the People".

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The Adwami Tribes joined with the forces of the mercenary known as The Warleader on a major raid within the Thaumaturg lands. Accompanied by the Shaduwam, their initial raid on Isana Pura, the southern capital, was very successful. Encouraged, they continued to the northern capital Anditi Pura finding little resistance along the way. However, this was a trap as the Shaduwam turned on both the Adwami and the Warleader's mercenaries with the Warleader's cooperation. Only the Hafinaj tribe warriors were known to have escaped due to Prince Jatal's wariness.[1]

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