Social standing amongst the Seguleh was decided by ritualistic combat. The Agatii were the top one thousand ranked Seguleh. They were sometimes known as the Jistarii[1] or the Honoured Thousand.[2]

The top ten of the Agatii were known as the Eldrii or ruling Ten.[2]

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The FirstEdit

The Seguleh First, a warrior of almost unparalleled skill, was the leader of the Seguleh. The most current Seguleh First died between Memories of Ice[2] and Orb Sceptre Throne[3] and the position remained absent for some time. He had been an old man when he had been Jan's mentor to become Second.

The rank of the First was never taken, it could only be given.[4] The mysterious First held ancient wisdom regarding the origins of the Seguleh and how they had been exiled from their homeland. After he went missing, the position of the First was left unoccupied.[5]

The SecondEdit

Whenever the position of First was unfilled, the Second was the de facto leader of the Seguleh.

This position appeared to have once been held by a Seguleh who later left the society and served Hood, first as the Soldier and then later as the Knight of High House Death.[6] This may have been the Second that K'rul identifed as missing in Memories of Ice.[2]

Jan later held this position.[7]

Agatii ranks and incumbentsEdit

Of the ThirtiethEdit

Of the HundredthEdit

Of the Three HundredthEdit

In Memories of IceEdit

The Seguleh First sent a punitive army of three warriors, Mok, Thurule, and Senu, to kill the Pannion Seer whose representatives had annoyed and insulted the Seguleh on their island.[2][9]

In Orb Sceptre ThroneEdit

The Seguleh Second, Jan, led the Seguleh into war with the Moranth. Afterwards, Dassem Ultor was offered the position of First of the Seguleh, which he accepted.[10]

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