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Agayla Atheduru Remejhel[1] [Ah-gay-lah] was one of the few remaining mages on Malaz Island after the purges instigated by Surly. She ran a herb shop called Agayla's Shop in Malaz City. In appearance, Agayla was a tall woman with sharp features and long grey hair.[2][3] Though not a blood relation, she was considered as an aunt as well as mentor by Kiska, who spent much of her youth in Agayla's shop.[4]

Every year on the night of Winter's Turn (known as Rider's Retreat in Malaz City) she consulted the Deck of Dragons regarding the coming year. Then she spent from midnight until dawn weaving on her loom.[5]

Agayla wore layered skirts and a woven shawl.[6]

In The Bonehunters Edit

On the night Tavore Paran's 14th Army came to Malaz City, the Adjunct sent Bottle into the city to look for a man. T'amber instructed him how to fashion a doll in the man's likeness and told him to seek help from someone he knew in the city.[7] Bottle knew exactly whom she meant and went directly to Agayla's Shop. Agayla turned out to be a very distant relative of Bottle, as his uncle had married her aunt's husband's sister. Agayla drew the doll out of Bottle's pocket and, after calling him a child and telling him off for dabbling in the old ways, told him that, yes, she would help him save the world. She sent Bottle to Smiley's where he found his quarry—the man known as Foreigner.[8]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Facing the storm by Corporal Nobbs

Scene from 'Night of Knives' by Corporal Nobbs

When the Mouse Quarter erupted in deadly riots in 1154 BS, Agayla's hair was still black. She tracked down Kiska and locked her within her shop for her own safety. She also faced down soldiers turned looters who attempted to break into her shop because they heard she was wealthy.[9]

About a year later (according to Kiska's recollections), during the night of the Shadow Moon, she attempted to keep Kiska indoors again. But when the task proved impossible she used Kiska to track down and enlist High Mage Tayschrenn's aid to help defend Malaz Island from the attacking Stormriders.[10] This she accomplished with the help of Tayschrenn and fellow island mages Obo and the Fisherman.[11]

In Stonewielder Edit

After Agayla found Kiska attempting to make a deal with the guardian of the Deadhouse in order to find the lost Tayschrenn, she once again stepped in to protect the young woman. Agayla summoned the Queen of Dreams, revealing herself as the weaver of High House Life and a follower of the Queen of Dreams. T'riss judged Kiska's search for Tayschrenn a worthy one and assigned her agent Jheval to accompany her.[12]

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