Agin Again was the Demoness of Lust, one of four demons who resided in Quaint. She disappeared from the company of her fellow demons Vice, Corpulence, and Sloth around the time that King Necrotus died. Then the populace fell under the sway of the virtuous health-based regime of new King Macrotus and the Lady of Beneficence.[1]

She appeared as a voluptuous, naked woman.[2]

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Agin Again.

In The Healthy DeadEdit

Upon the death of Necrotus, Agin Again came to his brother Macrotus as the Lady of Beneficence, Goddess of Wellness. He elevated her worship from minor goddess to the official religion of Quaint and created "a newly recruited army of piety, sanctioned to police the behaviour of every citizen in Quaint".[3]

The necromancer, Bauchelain, saw through Agin's subterfuge, capturing and revealing her to the people of Quaint on the steps of the Grand Temple:

"An imposter! Hiding in the guise of the Lady of Beneficence! Do you think Lust thrives only in matters of sex and sordid indulgences? If so, my friends, you are wrong! Lust is born of obsession! Obsession begets zealotry! Zealotry breeds deadly intolerance! Intolerance leads to oppression, and oppression to tyranny."

The power of the Wellness cult broken, Bauchelain released the demoness who fled.[4]

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