The Akrynnai were a people from the central plains of the continent of Lether. They occupied the lands of Ak'ryn between the D'rhasilhani and the Awl. Over time, they had successfully fought off invasions by the Letherii Empire, the Awl and the D'rhasilhani.[1]

The Akrynnai claimed sovereignty over the "Kryn Freetrade Lands".[2][3]

'Sceptre' was the title which the Akrynnai used to refer to their Ruler-Warleader.[4][5]

They were mainly known as traders and merchants,[6][7] although Tanakalian of the Perish Grey Helms described the Akrynnai as being "spike-haired, endlessly singing, spear-waving barbarians".[8]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

The White Face Barghast started a war with the Akrynnai which was completely unprovoked.[9][10] These hostilities had dire consequences for both the forces of the Barghast, and for the Akrynnai and their allies[11] who were under the overall command of 'Sceptre' Irkullas.[12]

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