Allgiva was a High Concubine - most probably an Andelainian Demon - who was described by an admirer as being "delicious".[1]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

One evening, the High Concubine was being entertained at a festive intimate dinner - complete with scented candles, sweet wine served in gold goblets, and an entree of spit-roasted priest of Dessembrae. Her host was the blue-blooded 'Demon Prince', Prince Flail Their Limbs. The two of them had been sitting down, just starting in on the entree, when the Demon Prince suddenly disappeared. Since this was not the first time that the Prince had vanished into thin air in almost exactly the same circumstances, Allgiva probably assumed (correctly) that - as before - Prince Flail Their Limbs had been the victim of a summoning performed by the necromancer Bauchelain into a pentagram in the Nehemoth's Conjuration Chamber in the city of Farrog's Royal Palace.[2]

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