Amaron or Ameron [Ah-marr-on] had been one of Emperor Kellanved's companions who disappeared after Laseen's takeover of the Malazan throne. His body was never found. The Wickan Bult proposed to the Historian Duiker that the companions had deliberately abandoned Laseen in response to her involvement in the murder of Kellanved and Dancer.[1] Cartharon Crust had vanished first, then Urko Crust and Ameron.[2]

Amaron was described as a large Napan man[3] with a "deep-blue Napan face" who, later in life, was "rather wide around the middle."[4] According to Admiral Nok, Ameron was half-Napan.[5]

In House of ChainsEdit

Nok told Adjunct Tavore that Ameron had been amongst the first members of Kellanved's family. He had been part of the crew of a corsair that worked the sea lanes around the Napan Isles at the time they were annexed by the Kingdom of Unta. When their ship had limped into Malaz City for repairs, the ship and its crew were siezed by the city's pirate-king, Mock. Only Nok, his wife Hawl, and Ameron had escaped. Lying low, they had been found by a young Dujek who had introduced them to Kellanved. Together with a handful of others, they helped Kellanved conquer the island. He also confirmed that all the ones who had disappeared had been Napans and his thought was that they had vanished so as not to be implicated in Laseen's betrayal of Kellanved and Dancer in which none of the companions had been involved.[6]

In Dust of DreamsEdit

Quick Ben told Bottle that Tavore had studied not only tactics but the motivations, the lives of Emperor Kellanved and his cohorts, Ameron amongst them.[7]

In Night of KnivesEdit

Temper recollected events surrounding the siege of Y'Ghatan, remembering Amaron as one of the sub-commanders of the 3rd Army to whom Dassem Ultor had turned over command of the battle.[8]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Amaron had once been commander of the Talon.[9]

As an Old Guard, Amaron was one of the leaders in the Talian League's uprising against Laseen. He described his role as one of intelligence gathering and doing "whatever needs be done." At the start of the uprising, his cavalry forces rescued the rebellion's figurehead Ghelel Rhik Tayliin and the swordmaster Quinn from Malazan soldiers.[10] He then assigned his agent Molk to keep her out of harm's way.[11]

After the League was defeated by the Malazans at the Battle of the Plains, Amaron sought out the Seti shaman Imotan who had betrayed and murdered his friend Toc the Elder. Amaron found only the corpses of Imotan and his followers, massacred by the man-jackal Ryllandaras. He then joined the hunt for the monster along with Urko Crust, Temper, Ferrule, Braven Tooth, Hurl, Rell, and Liss. Liss used magic to compel and hold Ryllandaras while the others attempted to kill him. They were ultimately successful, but Amaron did not survive the battle.[12]

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