Andanii was a princess of the Vehajarwi tribe of the Adwami people.[1]

She had long, midnight black hair, which she kept in a braid. Andanii was supremely confident and an accomplished and deadly archer.[2] She once slew a Thaumaturg Yakshaka with a single arrow through its helm's eyeslit.[3]

In Blood and BoneEdit

Andanii led the Vehajarwi contingent of The Warleader's expedition against the Kingdom of the Thaumaturgs. While on campaign, she grew close to Prince Jatal of the Hafinaj tribe. Andanii was one of the leaders of the assaults on the inner sanctums of the Thaumaturgs at Isana Pura and Anditi Pura. When she grew suspicious of the true identity of the Warleader she tried to slay him, but perished in the attempt.[4]

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