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Apt was an Aptorian demon.[1]

Apt possessed one clawed long, multi-jointed foreleg which jutted out from a straggly split chest and two thin hindlegs. The Aptorian was around nine feet tall, with a flat elongated head, a long snout with slitted nostrils, swept back jawline, a long sinuous neck, hunched, angular shoulder blade and a body which was black all over apart from the torso which was dun-grey. Much of the body was covered with thick, spiny bristles of hair. The demon's natural expression was a grin like a dolphin, exposing needle-sharp fangs. Although Apt only had one slate-grey/black multi-faceted eye, it seemed to observe with "appalling awareness".[2][3][4][5][6]

Apt had a snake-like tongue[7] and spoke with a "rapid, rasping series of clicks and hisses". It seemed that Apt did not eat or drink.[8][9] Apt's speed and endurance were well beyond any earthly animal and the demon walked in a strangely mechanical flow.[10]

Apt's so-called foreleg probably functioned as much as an arm than a leg — Shadowthrone in a temper, called the demon a "one-armed imbecile!"[11]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

Interpretation of Apt by genesischant

Interpretation of Apt and Panek by Merlkir

The aptorian was sensed by Mappo Runt and Icarium in Raraku, where Shadowthrone sent the demon to gather information on the Path of Hands convergence. The pair then came across the D'ivers Ryllandaras who was following the aptorian. Mappo warned the shapeshifter in vain that a pursuit would set him against Sha'ik who had somehow aquired the aptorian.[12]

Sha'ik presented the demon to Kalam as a guardian after he delivered the Book of Dryjna to her and he observed that the aptorian bore wounds. According to Leoman, Ryllandaras had eventually withdrawn from their fight.[3]

The assassin felt nauseous if he looked at his uncalled for companion for any length of time. He considered the aptorian to be Sha'ik's spy. As they travelled through the Anibaj hills, the demon, now named Apt by Kalam, suffered some deep puncture wounds to the neck in another fight with Ryllandaras. Again, the D'ivers withdrew eventually, after having lost some of his lives to Kalam as well.[13] Apt was left with puckered scars from those wounds.[14]

Five days later, Apt helped Kalam fight a group of Whirlwind rebels who had raided a caravan.[15]

Kalam was horrified when he came upon a camp of the Army of the Whirlwind, ringed by rows of crucified prisoners, left to die. The closest was a young boy whose face was one large wound with eyes and nose missing. Apt somehow observed, unseen and was aware of Kalam's wishful thinking that he might be able to do something for the victims. Somehow, Apt then spirited over a thousand crucified children away from their crosses. Apt, now identified as a female, met Shadowthrone at the still open portal to the Imperial Warren through which Kalam was travelling and negotiated that the Ascendant would heal the children. They would become servants of Shadow in exchange. She herself adopted the young boy Kalam had observed. Shadowthrone reshaped his ravaged face upon Apt's request to resemble hers, giving the boy one large eye in the center of his forehead. Apt with the boy on her back then followed Kalam into the Imperial Warren.[16]

Apt made a brief detour to battle the Semk godling, tearing its Ascendant fragment from its flesh and saving the life of Pearl and Lostara Yil.[17]

Apt introduced her adopted son, Panek, to Cotillion. The ascendant called Apt "Lady" and seemed to respect her.[18]

Together, Apt and Panek continued to watch over Kalam. But they arrived too late on the ship, Ragstopper, to prevent Pearl from stabbing the assassin and tossing him overboard in Malaz Bay. Overwhelmed by Apt, Pearl unleashed a Kenryll'ah demon and fled. In the resulting battle, the ship was destroyed and the ship's captain and crew escaped.[19] Later, in Mock's Hold, Apt saved the Kalam from a group of Claw who had surrounded him and Minala.[20]

In House of Chains[]

Aptorian by Corporal Nobbs

Apt and Minala took on the training of their thirteen hundred charges in a host of martial activities.[21] They then led the children on a mission to guard the First Throne.[22] They were later joined by the T'lan Imass Onrack the Broken, Monok Ochem, and Ibra Gholan, and the renegade Tiste Edur, Trull Sengar who suspected The Unbound and the Tiste Edur planned to take control of the Throne for the Crippled God. Apt and Panek met the latecomers in the cavern's outer ward where the Bonecaster, Monok Ochem, was not pleased to find them.[23][24][25]

In The Bonehunters[]

The defenders of the First Throne faced numerous assaults from the Crippled God's allies, the Tiste Edur, and of the half who survived many bore signs of the desperate fighting. When Cotillion visited, he noted Apt's hide was ribboned with grey, barely healed scars and Panek clung to her foot. Minala asked the god to take the children away while she, Apt, and Panek remained behind, but Cotillion said he could not take them where he was going. He promised to send Shadowthrone to provide healing.[26]

Eventually, the Tiste Edur attacked in force. The warlock, Sathbaro Rangar, opened a gate for two hundred Edur warriors and sixty Letherii archers led by Kholb Harat and Saur Bathrada. They were also accompanied by Ahlrada Ahn as well as the champion Icarium and his companion, Taralack Veed.[27] Monok Ochem veered into his Soletaken form to kill the warlock before Icarium became enraged by the sight of dead children and turned on friend and foe alike. Trull fought the Jhag to a standstill until Icarium shattered his spear. As Icarium pushed in for the kill, Apt swirled from the shadows and clamped her jaws on his right shoulder while raking his ribs with her talons. Before she could tear out his belly, Icarium cut through her neck with his sword sending black blood spraying and her dying body kicking spasmodically.[28]


According to Shadowthrone, she had once been the concubine of a Demon Lord, but had fallen from his favor.[29]


"I acquired a… a pet recently, which I now send with you, for I sense… possibilities in you, Deliverer."
―Sha'ik, giving Apt as an escort and gift to Kalam Mekhar, the deliverer of the Book[src]

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