Apto Canavalian was a judge for The Century's Greatest Artist competition in Farrog. He spent much of his time frowning or critiquing the works of others.[1]

In Crack'd Pot TrailEdit

Apto traveled across the Great Dry on the Cracked Pot Trail towards Farrog in order to serve as a judge in the latest competition at his own expense. Along the way his mule died of pox and his servant accidentally strangled himself leaving Apto alone on a waterless plateau with ten bottles of cheap wine. He was discovered by a passing caravan in a dehydrated state with nine empty bottles.[2] Unfortunately the caravan was itself without food and had resorted to eating their "useless" artistic companions. Every night the poets and singers would perform in competition for the right to live another day. Apto was not included among the competitors, but instead provided his appraisal of the performances.[3]

Apto made the mistake of directing his cutting remarks against the Well Knight Arpo Relent. When the knight attempted to murder the man who criticized his goddess, the Lady of Beneficence, Apto used his skills as a critic to dodge the effects of his own words. Luckily for him, Relent crashed head first into a boulder and knocked himself out. Apto spent the rest of the trip fearful of Relent's slow recovery.[4]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

Apto was one of the ultimate survivors of the dire events of the Crack'd Pot Trail who arrived safely at the city of Farrog. Sometime near the conclusion of the 'Festival of Flowers and Sunny Days' - in which Apto served as a judge and critic - Apto was arrested on the orders of the new King of Farrog, the usurper and necromancer, Bauchelain the First. Apto (together with six other Cracked Pot Trail survivors - i.e., Brash Phluster, Flea Chanter, Midge Chanter, Steck Marynd, Tiny Chanter, and Tulgord Vise) was taken to a torture chamber in the crypts of the Royal Palace of Farrog. There, the seven survivors were tortured - in rotation - on the rack by the Royal Torturer, Binfun...with far worse in the offing.[5] Luckily, these particular prisoners, including Apto, were able to escape with the aid of Shartorial Infelance, the Royal Palace's Seneschal,[6][7] and were soon wandering the crypt tunnels.[8]

At one point, Apto and the others had a mayhem-filled encounter with a group of thieves - the 'Party of Five' - who were also wandering the tunnels for reasons of their own.[9] After some badly-needed healing for the others at the Royal Apothecary,[10][11] Apto left and set off on his own...only to have a terrifying 'close encounter' with the Indifferent God.[12]

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