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The Arak were a tribe on the Seven Cities subcontinent based in the Pan'potsun Odhan.[1] They wore loose dark blue clothing from head to toe and scarves across their faces. They carried short, recurved bows capable of punching holes through chainmail as well as lances and hook-bladed knives.[2]

Their camps were usually situated on hilltops where the winds kept down the insects and the rising and setting sun could be witnessed to mark ritual thanksgiving. Arak campsites were largely similar in layout. A ring of tipis surrounded a stone-lined hearth, each tipi far enough away from the other so no one's shade could cast an insult upon another. Horses were corralled between two tipis by a single hemp rope strung between four poles. Bundles of felt, stretched hides, and strips of meat were left to dry on tripods. Their saddles were made of wood and felt.[3]

To keep their camps hidden, they burned a nearly smokeless dung in their fires. Meals of tubers and meats were cooked on skewers.[4]

In Deadhouse Gates[]

In House of Chains[]

The slavemaster Silgar made an arrangement with a group of Arak tribesmen to capture Karsa Orlong and Torvald Nom near A'rath Forest. Torvald realised the group was being pursued by Gral enemies and later set their evening camp afire. The Gral set upon the Arak while Silgar used his Warren to magic himself, Damisk, and Karsa away.[5]

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