Atri-Ceda Aranict was drafted into the Letherii Army after the re-establishment of Letherii rule following the Edur invasion. She was a user of Rustleaf.[1]

"She was tall, somewhere in her late thirties, though the deep creases framing her mouth—from a lifetime of rustleaf—made her look older; although something about those lines suited her well. Her sun-faded brown hair was straight and hung loose, down to either side of her breasts. The uniform of her rank seemed an ill fit, as if she was yet to become accustomed to this new career. Bugg had found her in the most recent troll for potential cedas. She had been employed as a midwife in a household in the city of Trate, which had suffered terribly at the beginning of the Edur invasion. Her greatest talents were in healing, although Bugg had assured Brys that she possessed the potential for other magics."
―Description of Aranict[src]

In Dust of Dreams Edit

She travelled with the Letherii Army as they joined with the Bonehunters. She and Brys Beddict become lovers.

In The Crippled God Edit

Aranict and Brys Beddict attended Adjunct Tavore Paran's parley. Aranict later restored Brys Beddict to life with the help of Faint, Precious Thimble, and Amby Bole.

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