Prince Arard was the ruler in absentia of Coral.[1] He took refuge in Capustan when the Pannion Domin overran his city along with his followers, the Coralessian Company.

In Memories of Ice Edit

Anaster told Itkovian that they (the Tenescowri?) had wanted Arard for a long time.[2]

Arard survived the Siege of Capustan in one of the underground tunnels. When he resurfaced, he met some members of Onearm's Host who had been part of the liberating army and demanded to speak to their commander. As their Captain, Paran, was not around, Sergeant Antsy with Spindle and Detoran and possibly a few others, elected to see the prince instead. When Paran turned up, he ordered Picker to retrieve them and to send Arard to the Thrall to meet the true representatives of the Host there.[3]

Later Arard became the new ruler of Capustan and his coronation took place under the guidance of the Mask Council.[4]

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