Arathan was the son of Draconus and half-brother to Envy, Spite, and Malice. He was at least partially of Azathanai blood through his father.[1] At the beginning of Forge of Darkness he was aged 17 and was now 'in his year' (a Tiste expression meaning 'coming of age'). He had spent all his life at Dracons Hold and in that time had had very little contact with his father. He was a bastard son who had never known the identity of his mother, although Draconus said she had made the necessary decision to leave him with regret. He hoped Arathan would forgive her one day.[2] According to Olar Ethil, Arathan had the look of his mother in his face and his eyes.[3] There was "little of Tiste blood in him--he had not the fair skin or the tall frame, and his eyes, while dark, lacked the mercurial ambivalence of the pureborn."[4]

He appeared much older than his younger half-sisters. Envy said this was because his near death accident on a frozen lake had triggered his Azathanai maturation.[5] He thought of himself as plain looking and had a habit of biting his nails.[6]

According to Gothos, Arathan's name meant "walk on water" in Azathanai.[7]

In Forge of DarknessEdit

He travelled with his father, Draconus, to the lands of the Azathanai and beyond to the domain of the Jaghut. Along the way he learned from Grizzin Farl that his mother still lived, tormented by grief.[8] He also fell in love with the Bordersword, Feren, who he impregnated.[9] After they met Olar Ethil, Draconus looked into Arathan's eyes, and acknowledged him as his son.[10] Whilst among the Jaghut he became apprenticed to the Lord of Hate, who was the sole reason for the collapse of the Jaghut civilization.

In Fall of LightEdit

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"One day, I will make myself unknown to all."
―Arathan's comment to himself in reaction to finding his thoughts and desires so easily read by others.[src]

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