Arbiter [Ar-bit-er] was a Forkrul Assail that lived in the Salt Mountains on Assail.

Arbiter looked like a typical Forkrul with the exception of "a vertical scar, or suture, that ran from chin up to sloped skull".[1]

In AssailEdit

The Forkrul Assail community in the Salt Mountains of Assail was disturbed by the conflict between the Jaghut matriarch and the T'lan Imass on their doorstep. Two Assail, Arbiter and Penance, met with Silverfox, Kilava Onass, Pran Chole, Orman, Kyle, Fisher kel Tath, and Jethiss to forge a new peace of the founding races. Additionally, Arbiter was intrigued by Kyle's amber amulet given to him by Ereko, the Thel Akai.[2] Afterwards, Jethiss requested they give him a weapon worthy of the Andii. Their answer was the Blade of Bone, constructed from Jethiss' own arm.[3]

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