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Bain HoldEdit


After three days descending into the Bain holding, Orman sees Old Bear being attacked by ten men. He helps him defeat them. Old Bear says that they are working with the Lost clan to repel the invaders. Jass is being held hostage by the Bains. They join with the others. The next day there is a running battle, but Orman seeks Lotji Bain to challenge him. When they meet Lotji throws Boarstooth at him but, instead of flying true, it lands next to him: Lotji had not taken it fairly so its magic will not work for him. Orman throws the spear at the retreating Lotji, mortally wounding him. Before he dies Lotji says Jass is in the Bain hall. Old Bear and Gerrun are dead; the others go to the hall but find it alight. Jass is dead, killed by Lotji.


Jute HernanEdit

Cartheron Crust leads his flotilla to Mantle, which is besieged both by land and sea. The Blue Shields on Resolute break the blockade by capturing the enemy ships. Cartheron takes Jute Hernan and Tyvar Gendarian to meet Mantle's ruler, King Ronal, who is unenthusiastic in his greeting and only allows them to stay because Malle of Gris suggests it; she is advising him as a Malazan representative. They meet her again outside and it becomes clear that she and Cartheron know each other; he too is working for the Malazans.

Lost HoldEdit

Fisher Kel TathEdit

Badlands leads Fisher and Jethiss north to the Lost holding; Fisher's childhood had been spent in the nearby Myrni holding. They meet Stalker and Cal. Stalker tells them about Boarstooth and Lotji's death.



Kyle surreptitiously enters the camp of Mantle's besiegers. He encounters Dorrin who takes him to Lyan. Their meeting does not go well and he leaves. He is recognised and attacked by the soldiers but manages to escape, aided by fog called down by Baran Heel, Yullveig's son. Kyle departs towards the Lost holding.

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