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Destruction BayEdit

Crimson GuardEdit

Shimmer, drowning, finds herself on a strange prairie. Smoky, one of the Brethren, arrives and explains that she can decide whether to stay or return to life. She chooses to return and finds herself tied to a bed, being raped. She kills her captors. Bars finds her. They acquire a boat and cross the channel to join the others. Shimmer confronts K'azz about the ice seeming to target them. He reluctantly agrees that they are unwelcome there because of their Vow, but still refuses to explain. They continue north on the boat.

Exile KeepEdit

Kerluhm ImassEdit

In Exile Keep the Sharrs and their adjacent enemies the Sheers are attacked by the Kerluhm T'lan Imass. Their sorcery destroys some of the attackers but they are overcome.



With his uncle dead, Reuth is maltreated by Storval and the crew. He tries to escape from the ship but is recaptured and chained to the timbers near the stern. He find two hidden dirks and realises he could chip away at the wood at the chain base. That evening all but two guards are ashore. He manages to push one of them overboard, but fails with the other who attacks him. Reuth is injured but manages to stab the guard. He frees himself, releases the anchor and allows the ship to drift off. It is seen by the Blue Shields and is rescued.

Sayer HoldEdit


Orman and the Reddin brothers return to Sayer hall. Orman agrees to stay and help prepare for the coming attack.


Silver DawnEdit

The Blue Shields bring Reuth to the Silver Dawn for Ieleen to heal. Jute Hernan and Tyvar Gendarian hear that the besiegers are attacking Mantle and go there to offer King Ronal their help, which he again refuses.

Exile KeepEdit


Silverfox finds the Sheers and Sharrs slaughtered by the Kerluhm T'lan Imass. She decides she cannot continue with the Kron Imass and decides to go on alone to accost the Kerluhms.

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