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Lost HoldEdit


Kyle reaches the Lost holding and meets Badlands who takes him to the hall to meet the others. Later Cal, who is actually Cal-Brinn of the Crimson Guard, comes with news of the invaders: they are now reinforced by regular Letherii troops, and will arrive in two days time. The invaders attack, but are initially repelled with the help of Kyle's sword. However they manage to fire the roof of the hall. Jethiss uses his warren to confuse the surrounding troops and the Losts escape into the woods. They decide to retreat north to the mountains where the Matriarch of all Icebloods is reputed to live.


Silver DawnEdit

Reuth wakes on the Silver Dawn. He has been healed by Ieleen. The wind is now from the north, and Ieleen feels they should be prepared to leave at any time.

Mist KeepEdit

Kerluhm ImassEdit

Lady Mist detects dangerous new arrivals and summons her giant sons, Anger and Wrath, to help defend her. The Kerluhm T'lan Imass enter and have little difficulty in killing them all. As she dies she tells their leader, Ut'el Anag, that he does have an alternative, there is hope for him yet.

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