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Sayer HoldEdit


Orman and the Reddin brothers help prepare the defence of the Sayer hold. However Jaochim warns him that he and his wife intend to die in the hall and orders him to take the others north with a message to Buri. The invading army arrives and fires the hall. After defending for a while, helped by a magical fog, Orman and the Reddin brothers leave for the far north.


Jute HernanEdit

Lady Orosenn arrives on the shore below Mantle. She has detected the approach of the Kerluhm T'lan Imass, who will detect that she is a Jaghut and be sure to attack her. She advises everyone to enter Mantle, where they can defend themselves more easily. King Ronal had forbidden this, but he is assassinated by the drug-addict from Wrongway, now revealed as Possum. They and the Blue Shields enter the city and organise the defence. The Kerluhm arrive and attack. Many defenders are killed and Lady Orosenn wounded. Suddenly the T'lan Imass withdraw and rush north; they have detected that someone has started a Jaghut ritual, the Raising of Phellack, and hurry to prevent them.

Heel HoldEdit

Crimson GuardEdit

K'azz and the Crimson Guard are travelling north through Heel hold. They are joined by Erta and Baran Heel; Cull and Yullveig have died in their hall. Later they meet Siguna of the Myrni; Myrni hall has also been burnt. They continue north but the ground seems unstable, and Shimmer seems to see the ice-sheet advancing towards them.

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