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Salt RangeEdit


Kyle travels north with the remaining Losts, Fisher and Jethiss, escorted by Cal-Brinn and his Crimson Guard. However they are followed by Kerluhm T'lan Imass who attack them. More Imass appear from the north, but these ignore the humans and engage the Kerluhm. Soon only friendly Imass remain intact. They say they are are Ifayle T'lan Imass and will protect the humans. Kyle and the others continue north onto the ice-sheet.


Orman and the Reddin brothers find Buri who is glad that they bring Boarstooth, which he calls Svalthbrul: it will help immensely in the ritual he has prepared. He requires Orman to kill him, to stab him to death with the spear; his sacrifice will join with that of Jaochim, Yrain and the others. With reluctance Orman does so; a vibration emanates from where Buri sat and radiates in all directions.

Sea of GoldEdit


Silverfox, Kilava and the Kron T'lan Imass see more human corpses on the shore of the Sea of Gold. Suddenly she is overcome by a wave of power from the north. When she wakes she is being carried north by the Kron. Kilava says they had felt the rebirth of a Jaghut ice-barrier.

Salt RangeEdit

Crimson GuardEdit

K'azz and the Crimson Guard are on the ice-sheet, but the Avowed are strangely lethargic and have difficulty continuing. K'azz sends them back off of the ice, but he, Shimmer, and Blues continue.

Marshal TealEdit

Marshal Teal is in charge of the detachment of Letherii troops charged with clearing the Iceblood from the north. He is in his tent when he hears a thunderous noise. He looks and sees an enormous avalanche of ice and rock about to overwhelm the camp.


Jute HernanEdit

Lady Orosenn warns the leaders in Mantle of the approaching ice. She persuades the Blue Shields that their Togg-given task is to save the civilians, and they organise an evacuation by sea. However Cartheron Crust decides to stay and try to deflect the ice away from the town using his stolen Moranth munitions. Malazan veterans plant some cussers, and more are catapulted at the ice-sheet as it arrives. It divides and passes on either side of the walls.

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