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Salt Range[]


Cal-Brinn sends his Crimson Guards back off the ice; they cannot withstand the pressure from Omtose Phellack, and will search for Stalker and Badlands. Kyle and the others press onwards. They meet Orman and the Reddin brothers at the corpse of Buri. The Heels arrive too, and also K'azz and the Crimson Guard leaders; with them is Siguna. From above comes a Jaghut, the Matriarch of the Icebloods. She leads them all upwards, towards the cave of the Forkrul Assail.


The Kerluhm T'lan Imass approach, led by Ut'el Anag, and are confronted by K'azz and the Crimson Guard. The Jaghut warns them of the Forkrul presence; the Kerluhm were about to attack regardless when Silverfox, Kilava, Pran Chole and Tolb Bell'al arrive. Silverfox discovers that Lanas Tog has concealed the news of the redemption from the Kerluhm. When she informs Ut'el, he reduces Lanas to dust that is scattered by the wind. The confrontation averted, Kilava and Silverfox reveal to the Crimson Guard the truth about their Vow: like the Imass ritual, it turned the Avowed into deathless T'lan. Silverfox welcomes them to the T'lan and Tolb names them the D'Avore T'lan Imass.

The Forkrul arrive. They accuse the Jaghut of disturbing them again, and the Imass of breaking the ancient agreement of peace between the four original Races. Fisher points out that there are again four races present, Tiste Andii substituting for the nearly-extinct K'Chain Che'Malle. Representatives of all four pledge peace.

Having pledged on behalf of the Tiste, Jethiss feels that he has also been sent there for a sword, a replacement for Dragnipur. He goes north with the Forkrul; the others disperse southwards.