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The Dead CoastEdit


Parties of Kerluhm T'lan Imass are arriving on the Dead Coast of Assail; they can detect a Jaghut presence nearby, perhaps because Omtose Phellack, the Jaghut warren is failing. The Summoner Silverfox, assisted by a group of Kron T'lan Imass led by Pran Chole, is there to greet them, to try to dissuade them from continuing their genocidal war against the Jaghut. So far she has always failed, and the arriving Imass are destroyed by the Kron. However the number of Kron is diminishing...


Fisher Kel TathEdit

The bard Fisher Kel Tath has returned to the Bone Peninsula, part of a diverse group of soldiers hoping to profit from the gold. Before they set out for the gold fields Fisher learns of a half-frozen 'demon'. He investigates and finds the unconscious body is a Tiste Andii. He takes him on the journey towards the gold.

Cape of the Stone ArmyEdit

Crimson GuardEdit

Shimmer and her Crimson Guard detachment set out for Assail, travelling in a hired merchantman, Mael's Greetings. She had hoped until the last moment that K'azz would arrive and join them, but he did not. Six nights later they are near the cape when a fire is seen on the shore. They investigate and find it is K'azz.

Bloodmare OceanEdit


Kyle is on the Lady's Luck, sailing towards Assail. He befriends the bookish Reuth, the captain's nephew and ship's navigator. Reuth warns him that some of the crew suspect, correctly, Kyle's sword is magical.

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