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Uplands west of MantleEdit


Orman has reached the agreed rendezvous and finds there the Reddin brothers, Keth and Kasson. The next day the camp is attacked by his uncle Jal and his hearthguards, come to retrieve the spear Boarstooth. Orman kills Jal with the spear, and the attack is repelled.

Dread SeaEdit

Sea StrikeEdit

Three days after the Sea Strike found the ghost ship, its sailors begin disappearing one by one. The remaining crew blame the curse and wish to kill the unconscious Mate, but Burl prevents them.

Bone RangeEdit

Fisher Kel TathEdit

The Tiste Andii wakes but has amnesia, not even remembering his name. Fisher Kel Tath goes to the Malazan contingent to ask their leader, Malle of Gris, for clothes and a sword for him. He finds her with the mages Holden and Alca. They seem to be map-making, and Fisher suspects the Malazans are planning to annex the gold fields.

Fear NarrowsEdit

Silver DawnEdit

A group of ships wait at the mouth of the near-impassable Fear Narrows. Several had already attempted the passage and been wrecked. The first to succeed is the Falari vessel Silver Dawn, captained by Jute Hernan and navigated by his wife Ieleen, a Ruse mage. Three other ships take the opportunity to follow their path through. Soon after they see a port. The ships enter but are trapped by a chain and attacked by many small vessels. The attacks are repelled by two of the other ships: one is full of heavily-armoured troops, another a Malazan galley supplied with Moranth munitions. All the ships escape.

The captains later meet. One is the legendary Cartheron Crust of the Ragstopper. Another is Timmel Orosenn, Primogenitrix of Umryg, a mage of Jaghut descent. The third is Tyvar Gendarian, commander of the Blue Shields, a brother order to the Grey Swords. He is Mortal Sword of Togg, who has now withdrawn from the world after setting the Blue Shields one last mission: to travel to Assail to right an ancient wrong and prevent a great tragedy.

The Dead CoastEdit


A new T'lan Imass arrives on the Dead Coast. He is Tolb Bell'al, the last Bonecaster of the Ifayle Imass. He and Pran Chole greet each other warmly. He tells Silverfox that they must travel to the far north, where answers will be found.

Western coast of AssailEdit


Lady's Luck has reached the coast of Assail. One night Reuth wakes Kyle and warns him he is about to be attacked by the crew who want his sword. Expecting this, Kyle had put air-bladders in his pack; he jumps overboard and swims ashore.

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