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Bone RangeEdit

Fisher Kel TathEdit

Fisher Kel Tath has decided to name the amnesiac Andii Jethiss. The party has been climbing through the hills and has now come to a defile passable only by a bridge. They had heard about a bone bridge and its guardian but disbelieved the tales. Now they find the bridge is indeed made of bones, and a guardian appears: the ground churns and many bones emerge and self-assemble. Finally the hands dig and find the skull, that of a dragon. The guardian offers passage over the bridge in exchange for the bones of a third of the company. Jethiss offers an alternative: his bones in exchange for his name, which the guardian claims to know. The guardian agrees and takes Jethiss, plus Fisher who refused to leave him, into the ravine. They are deposited in a cave. They see a light in the distance; it is a fire, and they find there old acquaintances of Fisher: the Lost brothers Badlands and Coots.

Lands of the Yag'QuarallEdit


Kyle is walking through the steppe lands of the Silent Tribes. He has been attacked several time already. He meets Lyan, a female warrior from Genabackis accompanying a child, Dorrin. They agree to travel together. After more attacks they arrive near what Kyle calls the Sea of Terrors. This is cursed, so they skirt it to the north. There is no safe drinking water. After four days elders and warriors of the Silent Tribes surround them. There is to be a challenge: Kyle against their champion, but Kyle must not use his magic sword, which they call white blade. Kyle wins, but is injured. After healing him the Silent Tribes allow them to leave, even supplying three horses.

Lands of the People of the Yellow GrassEdit


Kerluhm T'lan Imass are travelling north, killing any locals with Jaghut blood that they find. Silverfox and the Kron T'lan Imass follow and are gaining on the Kerluhm.

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