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Plain of GhostsEdit


The Lady's Luck has been anchored for five days while a landing party searches for water and provisions. Finally two of them return, wounded. The others have been killed.

Sea of DreadEdit

Silver DawnEdit

The Silver Dawn is leading the four ship convoy through the Sea of Dread. Though its navigator Ieleen is a Ruse mage she cannot see her way forward, and is suffering from the magical wards. Finally Lady Orosenn exerts her powers, despite the risk of revealing her presence, and the Supplicant leads the way. They pass many ships that seem to have been abandoned by their crews. Finally they discover one with a single man remaining aboard. Jute Hernan and Cartheron Crust board it to investigate, but the man is insane and stabs Cartheron, then jumps overboard. Jute takes Cartheron to Lady Orosenn, whose healing abilities are sufficient to save his life.

Reacher's OceanEdit

Crimson GuardEdit

The Crimson Guard have taken a Letherii merchantman, but it is too slow. K'azz orders a smudge, a smoke signal, to be lit. When a pirate ship comes to investigate the Guard take it, leaving the merchantman to the pirates.

Sayer HoldEdit


Raiders are reported entering Sayer lands and Old Bear leads the lowlanders and Jass to intercept them. They find twenty well-armed mercenaries. That night they attack their camp, but are outnumbered and are losing when Old Bear appears shape-shifted into an enormous bear, which routs the invaders. They return to the hold. When Jaochim, Jass's stepfather, learns that Jass failed to kill any of the invaders he sends him out again, not to return until he has taken a life in defence of the holding. Orman follows to help.

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