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Heel Hold[edit | edit source]

Kyle[edit | edit source]

Kyle arrives in Iceblood lands and meets a near-giant called Cull Heel. When he mentions that he's looking for Stalker Lost, Cull takes him to his home, though the Hall itself had been razed by lowlanders. He lives there with his wife Yullveig, who feeds Kyle and tells him the Lost holding is far to the east, across all the other holdings. His best path would be to descend again and travel across the lowlands. The next day she leads him south-east to the edge of Heel territory. Kyle continues eastwards, meeting groups of gold-chasers. He learns of the tent city and its demise. Its inhabitants are heading for Mantle, and Kyle realises that Lyan is one of their leaders. He goes to join them.

Dread Sea[edit | edit source]

Crimson Guard[edit | edit source]

The Crimson Guard's ship now leads the twelve-ship fleet across the Dread Sea. After seven days a mage-driven vessel approaches. An old man boards. Bars recognises him as one of the Sharrs of Exile Keep. They fight and five of the Avowed are killed before Cowl beheads the mage. They continue. Shimmer realises that they are travelling in a timeless spell similar to the one in Jacuruku. With difficulty Petal manages to break them free of it. The reach Mist. Lady Mist captures or kills the other landing-parties but the Crimson Guard escape. They travel along the channel, but notice that avalanches of ice fall off the cliffs as they pass. Eventually a whole cliff-face breaks off and crushes the ship; the Guard and crew dive overboard just in time.

Bone Range[edit | edit source]

Yrkki[edit | edit source]

Yrkki, the guardian of the Bone bridge, tries to prevent the Kerluhm T'lan Imass from crossing. He destroys several of them before they overcome him. They cross; soon after the bridge collapses.

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