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Salt RangeEdit

Crimson GuardEdit

Shimmer is again in the place of the Vow, speaking to Smoky. He confirms that she is dead, but can choose to return; as can all the Brethren. She chooses to go back. K'azz says they should all return to Stratem.


Jute HernanEdit

In Mantle, Jute Hernan and the other leaders have been rewarded with gold for their help in the defence. One day Jute sees a ship in the distance: the Silver Dawn is returning.

Salt RangeEdit


Kyle and Fisher have been in the Matriarch's dwelling for four days before she announces that someone approaches. They go towards the Forkrul Assail and find Jethiss. He has acquired a sword, but is missing his left arm; the sword is made of bone. Jethiss says his memories have returned, and doesn't contradict Fisher when he suggests he was the Son of Darkness.

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