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North territory of a new land
Of the Jaghut Wars
Seventh century of the 12th Lamatath campaign
33,421 years before Burn's Sleep

A new landEdit

A Jaghut woman flees from a T'lan Imass hunting party. She has no hope of escape, but leads them up a rocky slope towards some caves. She is pierced by a spear that pins her to the ground, and is caught. Ut'el Anag, the Imass Bonecaster, expresses his disappointment that she is so easily caught and says she has doomed her kin in the caves as well. He sends scouts to explore the caves but they are killed. The Jaghut grins savagely as her trap is sprung and Forkrul Assail swarm from the cave. All of the intruders are killed except the Jaghut, who unpins herself and jumps over the cliff, and Ut'el who escapes into a warren.

Hel'eth Jal Im (Pogrom of the White Stag)
51st Jaghut War
6,031 years before Burn's Sleep

An unknown landEdit

A band of T'lan Imass led by Shalt Li'gar have found a land unknown to them. It is occupied by humans, and when one speaks to them in Jaghut language some of the Imass attack them. Shalt and others of the band try to restrain them, and fighting results. All the Imass die.

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