The Avowed were the approximately six hundred original members of the Crimson Guard who swore to eradicate the Malazan Empire in the 1066th year of Burn's Sleep. Their vow meant that so long as the empire existed, they could not truly die. The vow itself had conferred upon them unnaturally long life, accelerated healing and even in death, so long as the Malazan Empire existed, they remained part of the Crimson Guard as Brethren.

Spoiler warning: The following section contains significant plot details about Avowed from all of Ian Esslemont's "Novels of the Malazan Empire".

Known Avowed Edit

First Company Edit

Second Company Edit

  • Shimmer, Captain, (loyal)
  • Cowl, High Mage and Master of Assassins, 'Veils', (traitor, trapped in the Deadhouse in RotCG, escaped in Blood and Bone)
  • Stoop, Siegemaster of the Guard, (loyal, murdered by Skinner)
  • Smoky, Company mage, (loyal)
  • Shellarr 'Shell', Company mage, (loyal)
  • Blues, Company mage and swordmaster, (loyal)
  • Fingers, Company mage, (loyal)
  • Opal, Company mage, (loyal)
  • Isha, Company assassin, 'Veil'
  • Keitil, Company assassin, 'Veil', (loyal)
  • Lazar, Standard Bearer, (loyal)
  • Amatt, (loyal)
  • Cole, (loyal)
  • Dim, (loyal) - possibly died in RotCG
  • Halfdan, (loyal)
  • Inese, (loyal)
  • Lean, (loyal)
  • Reed, (loyal) - possibly died in RotCG
  • Sept, (loyal)
  • Treat, (loyal)
  • Turgal, (loyal)

Third Company Edit

Fourth Company Edit

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Secret of the VowEdit

The source of the wellspring of the inexhaustible might that sustained the Avowed remained unknown for much of the Guard's history. The High Mage Ussü discovered it while fighting Iron Bars, but he was choked to death before he could reveal it.[7] It was finally revealed by Silverfox at the end of events in Assail that the original Vow touched upon Tellann mimicking the ritual that created the T'lan Imass. The Crimson Guard was then welcomed as the Red Clan of the T'lan Imass, but Silverfox was not their Summoner as she was to true T'lan Imass.[8]

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