The Azathanai were a mysterious race who could take any form they chose and possessed vast powers. They were responsible for the creation of most other races.

"Everything began with the Azathanai, who walked worlds in the guise of mortals, but were in truth gods. They created. They destroyed. They set things into motion, driven by a curiosity which often waned, leaving to the fates all that followed. They displayed perverse impulses; they viewed one another with indifference or suspicion, yet upon meeting often displayed extraordinary empathy. They held to unwritten laws on sanctity, territorial interests and liberty, and they played with power as would a child a toy."[1]

Notable Azathanai[edit | edit source]

Speculations[edit | edit source]

It is uncertain at the moment whether Azathanai are related by blood/ancestry or not, and whether the uses of "brother" and "sister" by Azathanai when referring to each other are indicative of a direct relationship between them or are an honorific, such as the use of "brother" and "sister" between members of some monasteries. Azathanai such as Sister of Cold Nights, K'rul, and Draconus often refer to each other as brother and sister, however this is sometimes used multiple times during a conversation, which is more characteristic of an honorific than a blood relation, though not all Azathanai refer to each other as "brother" and "sister" (Errastas was not referred to as such); which could either suggest relations between some Azathanai and not others, a relationship between all that is disavowed when an Azathanai commits an act widely disapproved of (such as the case of Errastas), a direct relationship only between "first generation" Azathanai (which would not include Errastas), or countless other possibilities. One such possibility is that an individual with only one Azathanai parent stepping forward might be thought to be of mixed blood or of some otherwise questionable heritage.

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