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Badalle was a human child, and one of the leaders of the Snake. She had a tendency to write sad poetry, reflecting the hardships imposed on herself and those she travelled with.

She wrote Pendulums Were Once Toys and Of a River.

In Dust of Dreams[]

Badalle was one of those who encouraged the Snake to enter the Glass Desert in order to escape the wrath of the 'Quitors' as she called those who had ravaged her homeland. Enduring many of the same hardships as the rest of the Snake, she only began to feel physical relief once they reached the Crystal City of Icarias. In the city, Badalle created a blazing sword she named Fire from a long shard of crystal.[1]

Badalle's poetry and words had power.

In The Crippled God[]

After defeating the Assail outside the crystal city, Badalle led the children of the Snake west[2] through the Glass Desert to join with the Bonehunters army. The starving children were taken in by Tavore and Fiddler, who Badalle named "Mother" and "Father" and raised the morale of the army enough to continue the march east another night.

Badalle by Cadmean

During the final battle for the body of the Crippled God, Badalle called down the god of the Assail in the form of a swarm of locusts, killing one of the pure blood commanders of the enemy army, and silently promised to call the horde of locusts once more to indiscriminately eat the Assail army if the Bonehunters all died in battle.

Author's comments[]

In answer to a reader's suggestion, Steven Erikson explained that yes, Badalle was a lot like a Tanno spiritwalker. For his full response read his answer to question 11 of the Tor Q&A session.[3]

Notes and references[]

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