Bala Jesselt was a mage of the Old Guard, notorious for her use of innuendo, and relentless scheming for self-advancement.[1] In the distant past, her unbridled ambition led to her elimination from the cadre of mages.[2]

Bala was an amply proportioned, midnight-hued Dal Honese witch with a "rich contralto" voice and puffed, lazy brown eyes.[3] She perspired constantly and fanned her face with ceaseless vigor.[4] In conversation, she often gestured with the fan for emphasis.

Her Warren was Serc and she performed her magic with great battings and flutterings of her fan.[5]

In Return of the Crimson GuardEdit

Bala served with the Talian League as mage cadre leader reporting to Urko Crust. She was motivated by loyalty to former Emperor Kellanved and a dislike for the current High Mage Tayschrenn who had expelled her from the Malazan mage cadre.[6]

During the crossing of Urko's forces by sea from Genabackis to Quon Tali, Bala used her magic to obscure their passage. She also contacted a Ruse mage in Unta to help speed their journey.[7] This mage was likely Mallick Rel, who granted her Mael's assistance and later promoted her to High Mage of the Malazan Empire when the League was defeated.[8][9]


"So, soldier. Goodbye and good luck. I see from your stupefied gaze that you are of course entranced by our meeting. I would be pleased to remain to torture you with my unattainability but that will have to wait until we meet again."
―Bala snapped her fan closed with a loud snick like that of a sword sheathing and she disappeared.[src]

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