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Seven Cities between Nahal and Aren

Balahn was a village in Seven Cities known mainly as the gateway to the Aren Way. It was a "squalid collection of low mudbrick houses, home to perhaps forty residents." The only structure less than a hundred years old was the arched gate built by Dassem Ultor's engineers marking the start of the ten mile (three league) military road to Aren.[1]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Duiker and Nether managed to secure a Kherahn Dhobri escort to Balahn from Sanimon for the thirty thousand refugees of the Chain of Dogs. By the time they arrived, the village had been abandoned for several days by its residents.[2]

After the refugees continued southward, the village was the site of the Battle of Balahn[3] between Fist Coltaine's 7th Army and Korbolo Dom's army of the Apocalypse. Coltaine's troops fought a delaying action against Dom as Duiker led the refugees south to Aren.[4][5][6]

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