Baltro was a cloth merchant and the latest of many ill-fated former employers of Emancipor Reese in Lamentable Moll. He was a distant cousin of a distant cousin of Moll's king Seljure and had no heirs.[1]

In Blood FollowsEdit

Baltro was a victim of a serial killer stalking the streets of Lamentable Moll. His mutilated corpse, missing its guts, tongue, and soul, was found lying in a barrow pit on Low Merchant Way. The king sent the court magus, Stul Ophan, to assist watch sergeant Guld on the case.[2]

In The Lees of Laughter's EndEdit

Baltro awoke to find himself part of a multi-souled lich aboard the Suncurl. His spirit had passed to the ship when unscrupulous dock workers, Dully and Kreege, sold cheap iron nails to Captain Sater that they had reclaimed from the city's barrows. The lich, composed of Baltro, Hag Threedbore, Viviset, Lordson Hoom, and a monstrous Jhorligg among others, argued with itself even as it murdered members of the Suncurl's crew to rebuild its body.[3] When Korbal Broach destroyed the lich, Baltro once again found himself confined to a nail.[4]

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