Baria Setral was the commander of the Red Blades in Dosin Pali. His brother Mesker served with him there while his brother Orto was the Red Blade commander in Aren.[1][2]

Baria sported an oiled beard and wore chain armour interwoven with Otataral links as proof against sorcery. He also wore chain leggings and a helmet with a slitted visor.[3][4]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Shortly before the Whirlwind uprising, Baria and Mesker brought their Dosin Pali Red Blades to Hissar in anticipation of the coming fight. Immediately upon docking they prepared to attack the Hissari market until Fist Coltaine's Wickans intervened. Cadre mage Kulp convinced Baria to abandon his plan, before bloodshed erupted with the Wickans.[5]

Baria and his brother Mesker died along with his company of Red Blades during the Battle of Sekala Crossing. The Red Blades had fought ferociously against the Semk while Coltaine's army crossed the River Sekala. For this they were much admired, earning a comment from Coltaine himself.[6]

In The BonehuntersEdit

He was among the named heroes of the Chain of Dogs for whom the natives of Seven Cities had built shrines across the subcontinent and dedicated cults of worship.[7][8]

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