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Baruk's Estate was the alchemist's home in Darujhistan. Baruk was known to keep his estate in pristine condition. Ornamental wrought-iron gates allowed entrance to the grounds which were adorned by a small fountain in the shape of a boy with an amphora. The estate was warded with magical barriers which Baruk thought no one should be able to pass undetected, however, the Great Raven Crone demonstrated that she was able to do so.[1]

What was likely Baruk's equivalent to a sitting room contained a plush chair which was located in front of a smoky glass window with broad shutters.[2] The room also had at least one other plush chair. A rug was located in front of a fireplace.[3]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit

For the last year, ornamental murder holes in the rear postern gate had been used by agents of The Eel to relay secret messages.[4]

Baruk received several visitors at the estate, amongst them Crone,[5] Councilman Turban Orr,[6] Anomander Rake,[7] and Kruppe.[8]

In Toll the HoundsEdit

Forty-seven steps beneath the ground floor of the High Alchemist's estate, two iron anvils had been placed within an inscribed circle which were used by Caladan Brood to destroy Dragnipur.[9]

In Orb Sceptre Throne Edit

The estate had several towers, the tallest of which could overlook the Estate District of Darujhistan. It also had several donjons, the deepest of which had a locked, warded and sealed iron door.[10]

The gate was wrought iron and there was a curving flagged path that led to a small fountain where a small spray of water spouted from the mouth of the amphora held at a stone boy's shoulder. The estate was abandoned and garbage lay strewn around. Inside, the place was an absolute mess, with shards of ceramic urns and expensive glassware littered everywhere. Rallick also observed the slippered feet of a small but heavy female who had in a juvenile, vindictive fashion laid waste to the entire place.[11]

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