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Bastion was a small city on the frontier of the Pannion Domin. It was located on a lake in central Genabackis southwest of Coral near the Godswalk Mountains. Squat walls surrounded the city's characteristic block-like, tiered buildings. Strangers were not welcome.[1]

After the Pannion War, it was known for kelyk, a pungent brew said to be growing in popularity in Black Coral.[2]


Bastion was the first to adopt the Pannion faith when the Pannion Seer arrived in the city from the Mountain speaking the Words of Truth. Accepting the first Embrasure, the citizens murdered the entirety of a caravan from Elingarth that was encamped outside the city walls. Amidst the massacre, Anaster was conceived as the first of the Children of the Dead Seed.[1]

Bastion was later the center of the cult of the Dying God.

Notable Residents[]


  • Iltara Avenue[1]

In Memories of Ice[]

Bastion was the first city the traveling companions, Lady Envy, Tool, Toc the Younger, Garath, Baaljagg, Mok, Thurule and Senu came across in their march on Pannion Domin-held territory. They were disgusted by the sight which greeted them as the whole town had been 'cleansed' as part of a second Embrasure. The farmlands outside the walls had been burned and the ground marred by great gouges. Burnt human bones littered the streets amidst fire charred buildings and the stink of death.[1]

Anaster and his Tenescowri mob attacked the group, leading to a chaotic battle of steel, sorcery, and flesh. Toc the Younger took the opportunity to infiltrate the Tenescrowi as a way to safely cross Pannion territory and return to the Malazan Army at Capustan.[1]

Seerdomin Kahlt maintained a temple near Bastion until he betrayed Envy and her party. He and his garrison were slain and their temple brought down in the violence that followed.[4]

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