Beastmonger Shill was the outsized proprietor of a shop which sold miniature animals, located on Adventure Alley in a northern section of Letheras. Some examples of the animals that Shill had bred/developed/'mongered' were: ankle-high guard dogs; big-toe-sized cats; thumbnail-sized mice; very tiny birds; and mosquito-sized vampire bats.[1]

In Reaper's GaleEdit

Beastmonger Shill's shop had become the site of a hidden entry — with Shill as its guardian — into the Rat Catchers' Guild's new secret headquarters.[2]


"...Beastmonger Shill, an oversized woman endlessly bustling up and down the rows of tiny stacked cages, on her...heels a piping, scurrying swarm of little creatures."
―Shill and her miniatures pets[src]

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