Beetle Praata was the single[1] Imperial Courier/Royal Messenger assigned to the Ambassador of the Empire of Nightmaria to the Kingdom of Farrog, Ophal D'Neeth Flatroq. Beetle was presumably a Nightmarian subject.[2]

In The Fiends of NightmariaEdit

The previously more or less neutral relationship between Nightmaria and Farrog having become fraught because of the increasingly hostile activities encouraged by the belligerent new king of Farrog, Bauchelain the First,[3] the Emperor of Nightmaria and his Council had decided that there was no choice but to declare war on Farrog. Beetle Praata, posthaste, brought the Imperial Declaration of War back from Nightmaria and gave it to the Ambassador to deliver to King Bauchelain - which Ophal did that very night.[4][5] The Imperial Messenger assured the Ambassador - when he returned from his visit to the Royal Palace of Farrog - that the Nightmarian Council and Emperor had wanted the Royal Courier to make it clear to Ophal that they did not deem the Ambassador a failure - as they felt that he had done all that was possible to avoid war breaking out between the two neighboring countries.[6]

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