"When you've got nothing, bluff."
―Quick Ben[src]

Ben Adaephon Delat,[2] commonly known as Quick Ben, was squad mage of the 9th Squad, Bridgeburners. Originally from the Seven Cities continent,[3] he still spoke Malazan with a harsh Seven Cities accent.[4]

Quick Ben was black-skinned and tall with a lean face and fine ascetic features.[4][5] He had a row of neat, smallish, white teeth.[6] His long hands were almost feminine and also described as thin and spidery.[5] He wore leather armour over a heavy quilted tunic, thin wool undergarments, and leather leggings.[7][8]

Whiskeyjack once stated that while Kruppe might have been the most intelligent man alive, Quick Ben was but a short step behind.[9]

His long-standing friendship with Kalam Mekhar, the two of them often working together, led to a habit of the pair talking in tandem.[10]

In Gardens of the MoonEdit


Quick Ben

Quick Ben by Yapattack

Quick Ben was stationed with his fellow Bridgeburners digging tunnels beneath the city of Pale. During the final battle, these tunnels collapsed and only due to one of Fiddler's 'bad' feelings, Quick Ben and some of the others escaped.[11]

Just prior to the battle, on an errand for High Fist Dujek Onearm the Malaz 2nd Army mage, Hairlock had used the opportunity to strike a deal with Whiskeyjack and Quick Ben to ensure his survival in the upcoming assault on Moon's Spawn and its guardian, Anomander Rake.[12] Quick Ben, Whiskeyjack, Kalam, and Sorry found the dying mage after the battle and Quick Ben performed a Soulshifting, transferring Hairlock's soul to the body of a puppet. He then handed over responsibility of the puppet to Tattersail, who had come across the scene, and departed with the rest of his squad for the city.[13]

On the day Quick Ben and the rest of the squad were due to leave for a covert mission to Darujhistan, Tattersail hosted a meeting with him, Whiskeyjack, Kalam and Fiddler which was interrupted when Fiddler had one of his 'bad' feelings.[14] During this meeting, Quick Ben stated that it was the intention of the Bridgeburners to cut away Tayschrenn's support and cause his fall from grace.[15] He again used a Warren which Tattersail did not recognize.[16]

Quick Ben, Kalam, and Mallet took the injured Captain Paran in secret to Tattersail's lodging. Quick Ben, who was linked to Hairlock had summoned the puppet to come by Warren and join them, however lost contact when Hairlock went beyond the Gates of the Shadow Realm. When Quick next felt the presence of the puppet, Hairlock was being followed by Hounds of Shadow.[17] Quick told Tattersail that it would be some time before Hairlock would be able to shake off the hounds. He and and his squad mates then left Tattersail to depart for Darujhistan.[18]


Quick ben 2 by krewi

Quick Ben by Krewi

Prior to the squad crossing Lake Azur, Quick Ben performed a ritual of summoning and met Hairlock in the Warren of Chaos. He realised that the puppet was insane and dangerous, so decided that Hairlock had to be stopped.[19] Quick Ben travelled in disguise to the Warren of Shadow where he was confronted by the Hounds. Greeting each one by name he was herded by the beasts to Shadowkeep for an audience with Shadowthrone. There he intrigued the new god with his knowledge of the Path of Shadow. Calling himself a former acolyte he bargained for the removal of the Rope's death sentence for leaving the faith in return for leading the Hounds to Hairlock. Once Shadowthrone agreed, Quick Ben revealed his true identity leaving an outraged Shadowthrone screaming, "Delat! You shape-shifting bastard!", in his wake.[20]

Quick ben and kalam by dejan delic

Quick Ben and Kalam's encounter with the Night Hunters in Darujhistan by dejan-delic

Whiskeyjack had divided the squad into two teams with Kalam leading one which included Quick Ben and Sorry.[21] Kalam and Quick however persuaded the sergeant that they would be better off without Sorry.[22]

Quick ben and kalam by shadaan

Quick Ben and Kalam by Shadaan

They were to make contact with the city's Assassins' Guild. The plan was to offer the Guild a contract to eliminate the city's true rulers, the mages of the T'orrud Cabal, thereby making the city an easier conquest. They found it difficult to make contact because Anomander Rake suspected the Empire's intentions and sent his night hunters to kill any assassins they could find. Thinking the Empire was behind the attacks, the Guild ordered assassin Rallick Nom to lead Quick Ben and Kalam into a Guild trap, only for both parties to be attacked by the Tiste Andii.[23]


Quick Ben and Pearl by Kremena Chipilova

Quick Ben eventually discovered Hairlock's location on the Rhivi Plain. He fulfilled his bargain by alerting Cotillion, and then severing the puppet's strings to prevent him from escaping by Warren. The puppet was soon ripped to pieces by the Hounds.[24]

On the night of Lady Simtal's Gedderone Fête, Quick Ben served as one of the party's hired guards along with the other Bridgeburners. The party was interrupted by the Jaghut Tyrant Raest, who possessed the body of the Cabal mage Mammot and began unleashing a sorcerous attack on the partygoers. Quick Ben responded by opening seven Warrens of his own. Although he saved the life of the Cabal witch Derudan, his efforts alone were not enough. Hedge further weakened the Tyrant with a blast from a Moranth munition before the Finnest House was able to imprison Raest.[25]

The threat to Darujhistan resolved, Quick Ben joined Whiskeyjack and the other Bridgeburners who cut themselves loose from the Empire. On the shores of Lake Azur, he wondered if it was time to launch his own secret plans. He decided to give the "old man a chance to rest" for now, but thought, "Whiskeyjack's going to howl when he hears this one."[26]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Quick's warren by slaine69

Quick Ben using one of his Warrens by slaine69

Kalam and Fiddler traveled to Seven Cities ostensibly to return Sorry (now named Apsalar) to her village. In reality, they planned to put Kalam and Quick Ben's plan into play. The pair sought out the Azath House Tremorlor hoping to use its gate to travel instantaneously and undetected to the Deadhouse in Malaz City.[27] From there it was a short trip to Unta where they hoped to assassinate Empress Laseen in revenge for attacks on the Bridgeburners. Quick Ben would serve as their Shaved Knuckle in the Hole through an ensorcelled rock that Kalam could use to summon the mage once they were in the halls of the palace.[28][29] The company of a formerly possessed fishergirl with the skills of an immortal assassin would only improve their chances.[30] After the Empress' death, Quick Ben and Kalam "had someone in mind" to succeed her.[31] The Jhag Icarium was skeptical that a squad mage could possess such arcane knowledge regarding the workings of the Azath.[32]

Things did not go as planned and Kalam and Fiddler became separated. Kalam was forced to call upon Quick Ben early in an attempt to help him escape the trap of a Mockra mage. Quick Ben also informed the assassin that things were not going well in the fight against the Pannion Domin.[33]

Later, Dujek sponsored an expedition of the Trygalle Trade Guild to provide Fist Coltaine and his Chain of Dogs with desperately needed food and water during their trek across the Nenoth Odhan. Additionally, Coltaine was presented with an ensorcelled bottle of smoky glass on a chain which he was instructed to wear at all times because "the Empress must not lose you". The bottle was created by Quick Ben and was intended to capture Coltaine's soul in case of his death.[34] The Guild made a second stop at Tremorlor to deliver Fiddler a shipment of munitions from Quick Ben.[35]

In Memories of Ice Edit

Quick Ben in Coral by araiwein

Quick Ben fighting the Pannion forces by Araiwein

After the events of the Gedderone Fête at Darujhistan, the Bridgeburners rejoined High Fist Dujek's now "renegade" army at Pale. Quick Ben was placed on Whiskeyjack's staff where he took on a mix of sorcerous, bureaucratic, and financial duties. In one instance, he followed one of his magic tracker pebbles into an unknown Warren where he had an inadvertent audience with the Crippled God. The unfamiliar god tried to bargain for the mage's services, then attempted to imprison him before Quick Ben was rescued by one of Burn's giant servants. The giant informed Quick Ben that the Crippled God was poisoning Burn's flesh, and she had only "tens of years" before it was too late. Quick Ben swore to aid her.[36] He confirmed that the goddess was fevered by infection after consulting the Witch of Tennes.[37]

When Dujek and Whiskeyjack met with Caladan Brood to cement their alliance against the Pannion Domin, Quick Ben did his best to avoid the attention of Brood's ally, Anomander Rake. Forced to intervene when arguments edged towards violence, he identified himself to Rake as "just a soldier" and requested that Rake respect his privacy by not magically probing him.[38] During the same tense negotiations, Kallor threatened to break the chains that bound Quick Ben's souls. In response, the mage created a hole in the ground to swallow the High King.[39]

Quick ben by pixx 73

Quick Ben by Jirí Dvorský

Whiskeyjack was aware that Quick Ben was pursuing some personal scheme, but the mage was not yet ready to reveal his knowledge of the Crippled God.[40] The Bridgeburner assigned Quick Ben to make contact with the Grey Swords of Capustan, who would soon face the army of the Pannion Domin. Using his magic and knowledge of Fener's doctrine he brokered an uneasy alliance between the mercenaries and Dujek and Brood's forces.[41][42]

During the march to Capustan, Whiskeyjack released Quick Ben to join Captain Paran and the other Bridgeburners on a mission to recruit the White Face Barghast of the Barghast Range. But the Crippled God's poisoning of the Warrens fought his attempts to travel through them. Attempting to find a better path through Hood's Warren he stumbled upon the Barghast sticksnare, Talamandas. The shaman impressed Quick Ben with his tale of the imprisoned spirits of the Barghast First Families, so the mage freed the shaman from his bindings despite Talamandas' objections that such a deed was impossible for a mortal.[43]

Talamandas later dragged Quick Ben into the Barghast Warren where a mutually beneficial bargain was struck. Quick Ben would tell Humbrall Taur, warchief of the White Face, that the spirits of the First Families were trapped in Capustan. In return, the Barghast spirits of the Warren would cut through the Crippled God's poison to assist the Bridgeburner healer, Mallet, in magically healing the mortally wounded Trotts. Trotts' survival was required to secure the alliance between Onearm's Host and the White Face.[44] Soon, the Barghast and Bridgeburners were marching to war, but Quick Ben was left raving and feverish by the poisoned Warrens.[45]

Quick Ben was sent by Whiskeyjack to trap the Pannion Seer. Joining forces with the sticksnare Talamandas, he recovered from the poisoning of the Warrens and gained access to them, but during their jaunt he was warned by Hood to dissuade Ganoes Paran from blessing High House Chains as part of the Deck. When Paran as the Master of the Deck chose mercy, Quick Ben saved the Seer's sister from the Rift.

In House of ChainsEdit

Quick Ben by Puck

Quick Ben by Puck

According to L'oric's spies among Onearm's Host, Quick Ben was made High Mage after the Pannion War. The possibilty of the mage coming to Seven Cities to aid Tavore Paran caused much consternation among the leaders of the Whirlwind rebellion. Kamist Reloe openly feared the mage and the possibilty of facing him and Kalam together. Korbolo Dom only sneered with contempt.[46]

Kalam infiltrated the camp of Sha'ik Reborn and the Army of the Apocalypse in service of Cotillion, who gave the assassin another of the acorns with which he could summon Quick Ben.[47] Cornered and outnumbered within Korbolo Dom's tent by Kamist Reloe and Dom's assassins, the Bridgeburner brought Quick Ben to his side. Kamist died screaming in a sizzling web of Quick Ben's death magic. Kalam observed that his friend appeared older and worn down. The two then confronted Korbolo Dom, striking him unconscious and taking him prisoner.[48] After depositing Dom with the Claw, Pearl, they located Fiddler amongst the Malaz 14th Army for a heartfelt reunion.[49][50]

In The Bonehunters Edit

Quick Ben remained with the 14th Army in service to Adjunct Tavore Paran as the army's High Mage after the Battle of Raraku. When Tayschrenn turned up in the 14th Army's camp, he was obviously peeved at being called a colleague by Quick Ben and pointed out that it had only been a field promotion. Quick told Tayschrenn that far from being a High Mage for the first time, he had been the true identity of Kribalah Rule, also known as Rule the Rude, a High Mage in the Blackdog Campaign under the old Emperor. In that guise he had saved Tayschrenn from Tiste-assassin mages before apparently dying in a horrible conflagration. Tayschrenn pondered that he had lost an object containing a demon lord at the time — the very same demon that was later killed by the sword of Anomander Rake.[51]

Leoman led the Army of the Apocalypse westward towards Y'Ghatan and the 14th Army followed. Adjunct Tavore wanted to send some of her people ahead to reach the city first, so she sent Quick Ben and Kalam along with Gesler's squad. The group travelled via the Imperial Warren, but due to the problems with the Warrens travel was difficult and confusing.[52] The sudden appearance of at least a dozen K'Chain Che'Malle Skykeeps in the air above led Quick Ben to immediately cancel the plan. He brought the group back to the Malazan world to report the news to the Adjunct.[53]

Quick Ben saved his sister, Torahaval, from becoming a victim of Poliel.[54]

Quick ben faces icarium by slaine69

Interpretation of Quick Ben facing Icarium on Drift Avali by Slaine69

When the fleet of the 14th was attacked by the fleet of the Tiste Edur, Quick Ben with help from the Bottle and then the Eres'al managed to fight off the sorcery of nearly a hundred Edur warlocks.[55]

During the battle of Malaz Island, the wizard stayed in a his cabin on the Froth Wolf, planning to come to the aid of Kalam at Kalam's request. However, before Quick Ben could join Kalam, he was taken by Shadowthrone to assist Trull Sengar at the First Throne. Whilst there, Quick was faced with Icarium and although initially withstanding the onslaught was eventually beaten back. He and the others were saved by the appearance of the Eres'al who subdued Icarium with a simple touch.[56]

In Reaper's Gale Edit

Quick Ben by Tommy Arnold

Quick Ben opens a gate by Tommy Arnold (Official image)

Quick Ben, Trull Sengar and Onrack travelled together to Lether via warrens.

Later he encountered Ghost Hedge, the four travelled to the Imass realm where they met Rud Elalle and the Imass.

He and Hedge fought against Menandore and Sheltatha Lore, killing both of them.

They afterward met with Fiddler and the rest of the malazan army.

In Dust of Dreams Edit

When Fiddler read the Deck of Dragons in Letheras, Quick Ben was named Magus of High House Dark.

He traveled with the Bonehunters across the Letherii continent into the Wastelands. When the Bonehunters were confronted by an army of K'Chain Nah'ruk, he destroyed an entire phalanx of the Nah'ruk before disappearing into a massive crater created by the Nah'ruk's lightning.

In The Crippled GodEdit

Quick Ben by Matt Smith

Quick Ben by Matt Smith

Quick Ben visited the Spar of Andii where he recovered two items, one of which was the Sceptre of Night with which he summoned a horse from a handful of horse hair. Whilst doing so, he addressed an unseen 'Mother', possibly Mother Dark. Once Quick departed, the tapping of a cane upon rock was heard.[57] Quick Ben joined forces with Kalam in helping the Paran siblings fight the Pure Blood Forkrul Assail in the north of Kolanse, using their skills to assassinate the Pure Bloods on and off the battlefield. The two united with Fiddler and Hedge at the Marine/Heavy detachment guarding the Crippled God's body in the final battle with the Assail.


As a result of soulshifting, Quick Ben had absorbed the souls of eleven members of a mage cabal[58] which gave him access to at least twelve separate warrens, although he could manage only a maximum of seven at any one time.[59]

  • Denul[60] - The Path of Healing- one of his souls was that of Ullan, a Soletaken priestess of Shedenul/Soliel
  • D'riss - The Path of Stone - from cabal member Keluger
  • Hood's Path - The Path of Death
  • Fener's Warren - bordering Chaos itself - from cabal member Narkal
  • Imperial Warren
  • Meanas - The Path of Shadow and Illusion - from cabal member Renisha
  • Rashan[61] - The Path of Darkness (spelled Rasham in Glossary of Memories of Ice) - also from cabal member Etra
  • Ruse - The Path of the Sea
  • Serc - The Path of the Sky - from cabal member Birith'erah
  • Telas - The Path of Fire - Child of Tellann
  • Tennes - The Path of the Land - from cabal member Gellid
  • Thyr - The Path of Light

When Quick Ben shifted the soul of Hairlock into a puppet, it was described as magic which hadn't been done in a thousand years. He used a Warren which Tattersail didn't even recognize. She judged him to be her superior in the lore.[62]

Tattersail perceived Quick Ben's sorcery as bleeding a strange, swirling flavor.[63] On another occasion he emerged from a swirling cloud which held a strange spicy scent.[64]

Whilst on the trail of Hairlock, Quick Ben's body was hovering cross-legged a few inches above the floor.[65]



Quick Ben by Artsed

Quick Ben by Artsed

At the age of four, Quick Ben woke up screaming from a bad dream in which "he had died, yet walked the world still, for he had forgotten something. Forgotten, and no matter what he did, no recollection was possible. And so his corpse wandered, everywhere, with ever the same question on his lips, a question delivered to every single person cursed to cross his path. What? What have I forgotten?"[66]

At the age of ten, living in Aren, Quick Ben played a prank on his entire extended family of 42 members including four-month old Minarala. This included the use of the old art of making figures which incorporated some part of a person like a hair or nail clipping to then be used in a magic ritual.[67] His older[68] sister Torahaval chased him across the city and eventually caught up with him in the Prelid Quarter where Quick played another trick on her. After that, Torahaval decided to hate him forever.[69] She completed rituals to sever her ties to her brother but he made certain that not all threads between them were cut.[70]

Quick Ben later joined the service of a Holy Falah'd in an unnamed city near the Pan'potsun Waste. He also at some time became the friend and partner of Kalam Mekhar.

The Forging of the BridgeburnersEdit

Quick Ben shaved knuckle in the hole by Autumn Tavern

Quick Ben shaved Knuckle in the Hole
by Autumn Tavern

During the Malazan Empire's conquest of Seven Cities, Dassem Ultor and his army captured Quick Ben's city, killed the Holy Falah'd, and sent the Falah'd's mage cabal fleeing across the desert. Whiskeyjack and his 7th Company were tasked with hunting down Quick Ben and the other mages. They chased them across the Pan'potsun Waste and into the Holy Desert, Raraku led by a local guide called Kalam Mekhar.[71] This chase became the event which forged Whiskeyjack's recruits into the elite Bridgeburner company, so called because the holy desert was said to have burned the bridges to their pasts.[72][73]

During the pursuit, one by one the other eleven mages in the cabal died and shifted their souls into Quick Ben and in the end only he remained. Among these souls were:

Once Whiskeyjack and his Bridgeburners caught up with Quick Ben, Kalam was revealed to have been the mages' accomplice. However, a mutual respect had blossomed between the men, and Quick Ben as well as Kalam joined the Bridgeburners at the end of this fraught pursuit. Quick Ben convinced Whiskeyjack to keep their defection secret from Emperor Kellanved.[76] The Korvalah demon, Pearl, later confirmed that the name "Ben Adaephon Delat" was marked on the scrolls listing the mages who fell to the Empire in Seven Cities.[77]

The Destruction of the Cult of RashanEdit

Quick ben by luztheren

Quick Ben by Luztheren

Some time after the forging of the Bridgeburners, Quick Ben was sent by the Emperor to Ehrlitan to annihilate the Cult of Rashan. Quick Ben was secretly accompanied by Dancer who later admitted that neither he nor the Emperor had realised who Quick Ben really was.[78]

Quick Ben was welcomed to the Temple of Rashan under a different name as a visiting High Priest by Master Bidithal. It was unclear whether Quick Ben was posing as a High Priest, had achieved the rank through acquiring Etra's soul, or had achieved the rank on his own. Bidithal honoured his visitor with a performance of the Shadow Dance, whose participants included Lostara Yil. The performance inspired a mutual attraction between Lostara and Quick Ben and years later Cotillion revealed the mage would have taken her for his own and brought her to join the Bridgeburners.[79] Cotillion told Lostara that he, unbeknown to her, had also watched her dance.[80]

After the dance, during the night, the assassinations had begun. Apart from Lostara, Quick Ben also let Bidithal escape, an act which brought him the wrath of Kellanved.[81] This did not prevent Quick Ben from later serving Shadowthrone under yet another identity as an acolyte of Meanas after the Emperor's ascension. Quick Ben rose far in Shadowthrone's clergy (possibly with the aid of Renisha's soul) before ultimately abandoning his service and burning the robes of his vestment.[82]

For a discussion about Quick Ben's overall timeline see the Malazan Empire Forum thread on the topic as well as the Speculation section below.


Quick Ben by Corporal Nobbs-0

Quick Ben by Corporal Nobbs

Quick Ben by Corporal Nobbs

Quick Ben by Corporal Nobbs

Quick Ben: "I admit it, High Fist, I really trust no one."
Ganoes Paran: "No one at all?"
Quick Ben: "The trust I have… for some people… comes down to how well I know them, and then it’s a matter of my trusting them to do what I think they’re going to do."
―Quick Ben and Ganoes Paran[src]
"... but still, what's life without a few thousand regrets?"
―Quick Ben[src]


  • Steven Erikson says there is a meaning behind Quick Ben's name, but he has no plans on revealing it. "I could tell you the origin of Quick Ben but it might take the allure off the character, so I won't."[83]


There are a quite a number of speculations surrounding Quick Ben:

  • Quick Ben (Ben Adaephon Delat) might be the author Adaephon who wrote the poem Azath.[84]
  • Quick Ben may have been a Soletaken. Shadowthrone called him a shape-shifting bastard,[85] and Tattersail once saw Quick Ben emerge from a strange, spicy scented cloud - often a characteristic of a veering Soletaken.[86] One of the twelve souls within Quick Ben was itself a Soletaken.[74]
  • The night of the decimation of the Rashan cult in Ehrlitan as documented in House of Chains. There are differing theories as to who was present at the time.
    • Cotillions' later comments to Lostara Yil may have indicated the presence of Shadowthrone or it could be that Delat was there representing him, as Shadowthrone might otherwise have prevented Delat from letting Bidithal go. Cotillion said: "But there were three of us [possibly meaning Delat, Lostara and Cotillion] that night [i.e. during the dance], so very long ago in Ehrlitan."
      "Delat, who had a different name for that mission and was my partner’s responsibility besides — Delat let Bidithal go. I suppose it seemed a…a betrayal, yes? It certainly did to my partner. Certainly to this day Shadowthrone — who was not Shadowthrone then, simply a particularly adept and ambitious practitioner of Rashan’s sister warren, Meanas — to this day, I was saying, Shadowthrone stokes eternal fires of vengeance". Cotillion certainly confirmed to her that he was there as an assassin.[87] Some have argued that the third person may have been Kalam Mekhar.[88]
  • The timing of the destruction of the cult of Rashan and the burning of Quick Ben's robes in relation to the forging of the Bridgeburners has different theories.
  • Quick Ben's sexual orientation was discussed in a Malazan Empire forum thread

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