Beneth was a Korelri[1] slave in the Otataral mining camp of Skullcup. He was a large, "astonishingly handsome" man with high cheekbones and long, curly black hair which he groomed with whale oil.[2] He had thick scared wrists and kept his fingernails immaculately clean.[3] His eyes were deep-set.[4]

While at the camp, Beneth had become a crime lord[5] of sorts and had elevated himself to a position of trust with the Commandant of the camp, Sawark. He was the only slave allowed inside Sawark's Keep.[6]

In Deadhouse Gates[edit | edit source]

Although he was old enough to be her father, Beneth took the young slave Felisin Paran as his sometime lover and sometime whore, depending on his mood. He kept her plied in Durhang and alcohol while occasionally granting her with favours. When her association with the rogue slave Baudin threatened to tarnish his reputation with Captain Sawark, Beneth viciously beat her.[7]

Beneth was seemingly killed in the Whirlwind uprising that was led by Captain Gunnip and the camp's Dosii contingent, but Baudin later admitted to snapping his neck.[8][9]

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