Berkru was a merchant from Ehrlitan with Durhang stained teeth. His wife was "a wiry, sunken-eyed woman, her face painted in a style best left to young maidens." She peddled her fraudulent abilities to read the Deck of Dragons to earn extra money.[1]

In Deadhouse GatesEdit

Berkru and his wife were driven to seek shelter at Ladro Keep during a sandstorm south of Ehrlitan. There they met a disguised Kalam Mekhar, who the merchant quizzed regarding the progress of the storm and its impact on the road. Berkru's wife attempted to read Kalam's fate in the Deck of Dragons, but was named a fraud by the assassin when the first card drawn was the Obelisk. Enraged, she threw the cards at Kalam who was disturbed to see them fall in a pattern depicting him as an assassin surrounded by death.[2]

Berkru and his wife likely perished when Lostara Yil and her Red Blade companion massacred the keep's inhabitants after Kalam's departure.[3]

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