Bhederin by Corporal Nobbs

Bhederin and Rhivi by Corporal Nobbs

Bhederin were bison,[1] large semi-domesticated or wild herbivorous ungulates of Genabackis that grouped in massive herds of as many as half a million creatures. The bulls were especially large and territorial. They were described as "huge shaggy creatures" with reddish-brown fur and humps. The Rhivi people followed their migrations. Despite hunting the animals, they were able to walk among them and even ride on their backs.[2]

They were cousins to the bhed, an even larger animal that was driven to extinction.[3] The mass passage of their hooves was beneficial for tamping down the thin soil of their territory.[4]

Fully wild bhederin could also be found in the Jhag Odhan in Seven Cities where they were hunted by the Anibar tribe and others. One technique to hunt them in the Jhag Odhan involved running hundreds off a cliff to their deaths. Afterwards, four or five dozen hunters would butcher the carcasses and smoke the meat on racks.[5]

In Memories of IceEdit

The Rhivi brought herds of bhederin along with Caladan Brood's army during the Pannion War.[6] The beasts served as a key food source for the allied armies.

In The BonehuntersEdit

While traveling through the Jhag Odhan, Karsa Orlong and Samar Dev witnessed the local tribes hunting and butchering bhederin. Karsa tired of eating rabbits and the occasional deer and he decided to hunt a bhederin of his own. When he spotted a small herd, he charged atop Havok, his Jhag horse, hoping to draw out the herd's bull. To Samar Dev's surprise two bulls answered the Teblor's attack. Karsa was able to kill both bulls. As he proceeded to butcher them he drew interest from the Anibar.[7]

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