Interpretation of the bhoka'rala Moby by Corporal Nobbs

Bhok'arala (sgl:Bhok'aral)[1] also spelled Bhoka'ral/Bhoka'rala.[2]

(A squall of) Bhok'arala, were small monkey-like[3] winged creatures who mostly dwelt on cliffs in the deserts of Seven Cities. They had tiny, human-like hands and were quite vocal, communicating by chirping, squawking, and strangely mournful hooting calls.[4][5] They had mottled tan and brown hides, long canines, and wizened remarkably human faces. They fed on Rhizan.[6][7] Conflictingly, they were described as both having tails[8] and being tailless.[9]

Bhok'arala were sometimes kept as pets and brought to distant lands by traders to Seven Cities and Nemil.[10] They displayed a certain level of intelligence and were capable of imitating human actions. One tribe in particular seemed to consider Iskaral Pust to be their god.[11]

The terms Bhoka'rala/Bhok'arala were based on the Seven Cities (Bisbrha and Debrahl) language.[12]

"Bhok'arala seem to have originated in the wastes of Raraku. Before long, these social creatures spread outward and were soon seen throughout Seven Cities. As efficacious rat control in settlements, the bhok'arala were not only tolerated, but often encouraged. It was not long before a lively trade in domesticated breeds became a major export…

The usage and demonic investment of this species among mages and alchemists is a matter for discussion within treatises more specific than this one. Baruk's Three Hundred and Twenty-first Treatise offers a succinct analysis for interested scholars…
―Denizens of Raraku
Imrygyn Tallobant[src]

The Jaghut bred a larger, more muscled, and more intelligent version of the bhok'arala known as the Nacht.[13][14] Nachts were twice as heavy as their natural kin.[15]

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In The Bonehunters[edit | edit source]

With a spyglass of her own design, Samar Dev and Karsa Orlong observed a bokh'aral that had occupied the nest of a falcon amongst the towers of Ugarat. The beast took great pleasure in tossing rotted fruit onto passersby below, laughing hysterically at the results. But when the bhok'arak began using bricks, Samar Dev lamented that it would soon be killed.[16]

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