Blackdog Blues was a movie script co-written by Steven Erikson and Ian C. Esslemont before the publication of the first published Malazan novel, Gardens of the Moon. Erikson and Esslemont's first attempts to dramatise the events of their Malazan role-playing game sessions took the form of screenplays. Their initial screenplay took place in Darujhistan and covered the events of the last quarter of the eventual Gardens of the Moon novel.[1]

Their next effort was the prequel Blackdog Blues, which took place during the Malazan invasion of Genabackis and covered the fighting in Blackdog Swamp.[2]

The only version we have now is a on a little floppy disk. We lost the Gardens of the Moon script long ago but we do have Blackdog Blues which I haven't been able to access yet. Hopefully, it's still there. It's the whole Genabackan campaign that precedes Gardens of the Moon. It would be fun to see.
--Steven Erikson

At a 2018 convention interview, Erikson described the script as a comedy.[3]

In a 2020 interview, Erikson said the story involved Whiskeyjack and his squad of Bridgeburners, and Tool "played a big role." The script was "quite comedic in many respects."[2]

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