Blather Roe was a rat-hunter who partnered with Birklas Punth in Lamentable Moll and spoke with a lisp. He wore rags and a large, floppy, mottled yellow, leather hat. His belt, wrists, and ankles were decorated with braids of rat tails and he carried a blood-stained dagger. He and his partner enjoyed picnicking atop the city's large Knoll Barrow, eating roasted rats and their pickled babies. The pair's knowledge of the city and its underworld made them invaluable to watch sergeant Guld.[1]

In Blood FollowsEdit

The two rat-hunters were revealed to be more than they appeared when they confronted the necromancers, Bauchelain and Korbal Broach, at Fishmonger's Round. Birklas dismissed Bauchelain's summoned Kenyll'rah demon and allowed their prisoner the Soletaken rat, Whitemane, to escape. Korbal Broach noted the pair "smelled of a barrow" and Birklas admitted that they had escaped from Knoll Barrow after being interred for some time. "Wards are not eternal", Birklas stated. Explaining that they liked things the way they were in Moll, they ordered the necromancers to leave. Bauchelain and Korbal agreed.[2]

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